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The One World - One Peace Album
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1. Idea conceived in October 2001
2. Work for the Peace Song started in November 2001
3. Selected the best choir after doing 5 choir performances at the Karachi Marriot in December 2001.
4. Introduced Ms. Hayat Alaoui in Pakistan in January 2002 with a concert. Also, introduced Hayat to Fakhir, Schehzad Mughal, Shafqat Amanat Ali and the St. Patrick's Choir for song development in fusion style in 4 languages, a concert developed by the Executive Producer, Danesh N. Dubash.
5. Song writing, production and recording started in January 2002.
6. Hayat brought back to Pakistan for Basant concert in Lahore to gain fame.
7. Song played for Memorial Service in Islamabad for Green's Family in March 2002 with the kind support of the US Ambassador - Ms Wendy Chamberlain.
8. Personal visits were made to the Ambassadors of UAE, Saudi Arabia, france, Morocco and Consulate Generals of France and Kuwait and the Deputy High Commissioner of the UK. All greatly appreciated the Peace Song - "Join Your Hands in Peace".
9. All Media Conference was held in May 2002.
10. With the encouragement recieved, we embarked in the development of an album of 14 songs.
11. Identified other performers who joined hands with us to develop the world peace album.
12. Had songs written by song writers in Pakistan, Dubai and Palestine.
13. Song played for "War Against Violence" - A program by Shehla Rehman at the Carlton Hotel in August 2002.
14. Proceeded to Dubai for support - Song played on Arabian Radio Network in October 2002 with an interview.
15. Hayat name endorsed in Pakistan again in October 2002 during the Arabian Night show at Islamabad Serena. Casually met the Honorable President of Pakistan in October 2002 at the Serena Hotel in Islamabad and also introduced Ms. Hayat Alaoui from Morocco. Also highlighted the initiative we have taken for Peace. Was asked for a written document which was provided to General Pervez Musharraf.
16. Interviewed in Dubai by Gulf News in Dec 2002
17. Development of concert videos commenced in July 2003.
18. In April 2003, Geo TV organized a concert in which we were requested for two songs. Both our songs, "Ae Khuda" and "Love is the Sweetest Thing" secured a standing ovation.
19. 6 Songs of the One World - One Peace Album were played on FM100 from 6 September 2003 onwards for 2 weeks.
20. Sept 21st 2003, played the World Peace Song - Courtesy United Nations Information Center, in Islamabad on the occassion of the International World Peace Day.
22. December 2003 - Telecasted the song "Join Your Hands in Peace" on Indus TV Channel for 3 apprearences.
23. May 2004 - Finalized the video of the song "Mohabbat Amar Hai". Airing of video was never done.
24. May 2004 - Album taken to London for airing on UK based radio channels but plans did not materilaze for personal reasons.
24. Work on Taj Mahal stated in March 2014.
25. All works were stolen.
26. Team made in October 2014 for rolling out the intiative
27. Team split in December 2014.
28. Taj Mahal completion delayed from March 2015 to August 2015.
29. New Video made on May 2015 and ready in July 2015.