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The One World - One Peace Album
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These days, we can hardly view the news or read a newspaper without being confronted with tremendous suffering and hardship throughout the world - wars, terrorism, earthquakes, fires, floods, rampant disease and much more - the need for unity and consolation has never been greater.

Everyone needs comfort at some time or another. Everyone needs to be assured that no matter how bleak the future may appear there is hope for a brighter and safer tommorow. There is peace to be found, if we will only hold on and believe that there is someone who cares.

We hope this music will be an encouragement to one and all in spreading a message for Peace. We will reach out to others around the world as we join hands in peace.

The title track "Join Your Hands in Peace" is also the title of our music album. This is not just a song but a message. A message aimed to all those miscreants involved in creating discomfort, damage & killings. A powerful message begging them to stop, listen and think, and to give back our peaceful world. Life is after all a gift of God, nobody has the right to take away human life!