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The One World - One Peace Album
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1. Join Your Hands in Peace (Title Song)
Performed By : Fakhir Mehmood, Hayat Alaoui (Morocco), Schehzad Mughal, Shafqat Amanat Ali, HeartBeat! and the St. Patrick's Choir
Language: French/Arabic/English/Urdu (Fusion)
  This dynamic title song carries the message that "Peace is What The World Wants And Needs!" Sung in poweful fusion style in 4 languages - French, English, Urdu and Arabic - it is the heart cry to the world that Peace must prevail. This unique and moving composition has received wide acclaim and presents us with the challenge that we can do something to make a difference!
2. Ae Khuda
Performed By : Melvin Clements
Backup Vocals : Imran Doggar
Language : Urdu/English (Fusion)
  A touching song, reminding us that we are God's creation, and that HE made this world for us to live in Peace. Working together in harmony, and with His help, we can become all that He wants us to be, and all that we are capable of.
3. Love is the Sweetest Thing
Performed By : Sam Francis and Gracia Adams
Backup Vocals : HeartBeat!
Language : English
  A song with rythm that will make you want to get up and dance, this original number will have you moving and singing along, and as the song says, "...seeing life like never before!". Performed with driving vocals, and a creative musical mix, HeartBeat delivers a song that will charge your outlook!
4. Galat Fahmian - (English: "Misunderstandings")
Performed By : Bianca D'Souza and Emad
Language: Urdu
  Does quality communication make a difference? .. in a relationship?.. between lovers? ... even between countries?! This song exposes how simple misconceptions or misunderstandings can shipwreck a relationship, and at the same time holds forth the answer that love, patience and understanding can find a way!
5. Love Is The Light!
Performed By : Sam Francis
Backup Vocals : HeartBeat!
Language : Urdu/English (Fusion)
  In a world where man's inhumanity to man has reached epic proportions, this powerful and moving song was written for and dedicated to tall those who are suffering in the world today. Love is the light that shines in the darkness - a light that holds forth Hope and has creative power!
6. Life
Performed By : Bianca D'Souza
Backup Vocals : HeartBeat!
Language : English
  Life is a great gift that has been given to all of us, and one that we shouldn't take for granted. To enjoy all that life has to give, and to turn again and share it with others makes us all the more richer. Bianca brings it all together in this upbeat song, taking our hand to join together with her in the journey.
7. Peace in the Midst Of the Storm
Performed By : Gracia Adams
Backup Vocals : HeartBeat!
Language : English
  The picture that won an art contest looking for the best illustration of "Peace" A tiny bird sits perched on a branch of a tree overhanging a raging river happily chirping away, while all around her lightening flashes and the storm blows and threatens. That's an illustration of the hardest kind of peace to have, peace in the midst of the storm! This melodic number reaches out to every heart that is troubled and downcast, offering hope and a reminder that the darkest hour is just before the dawn.
8. Darr
Performed By : Bianca D'Souza
Language : Urdu
  Fear is a real thing! And the fear of the unknown is one of the greatest fears of all! The singer, in the role of a young girl, is afraid to goto sleep as she fears the nightmares that come of war and its terror and the loss of loved ones. She is afraid to enter into what she doesn't want to see... a world of misery, where all long for peace.
9. Papa
Performed By : Imran Doggar
Language : Urdu
  A tribute to every father, and the role they play in the lives of their children. This creative remake of the hit song of the 1950s by Paul Anka will touch your heart and remind you of the value that each parent has in moulding a young life. It also underlines the fact that every time a person falls victim in a war, they are someone's father or mother, or sister, brother or child.
10. Chand Sey Mukhre Waliye
Performed By : Schehzad Mughal
Language : Urdu/Punjabi Fusion
11. Join Your Hands in Peace - Instrumental Sound Track
Performed By : St. Patrick's Choir and HeartBeat!
Instruments: Violin, Sarangi, Sitar, Guitars, Keyboards.
12. Mohabbat Amar Hai
Performed By : Schehzad Mughal, HeartBeat!, Emad, Bianca, Melvin, Imran Doggar and special guests singers.
Language : Urdu
The final song, with each artist contributing, brings the album to a stirring close. The title means "Love is Forever!" and what better message could we give the world today, than to love one another and live in Peace!
13. Allah Hu
Performed By : Imran Doggar
Language : Urdu/Punjabi
  A song reminding us that God is there for us. Allah is in our hearts and in our minds. Let us progress in our lives as per how Allah has spelled out for us.
14. Jhanjar
Performed By : Nadeem
Language : Urdu/Punjabi
  A lively song reminding us of the happy times. A song ideal for engagements and weddings that take place only when we all can live in peace.